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Hearts Environemntal Design Corporate Policy

What is LIVABLE and vital city? Is there any method that makes a community livable? We believe there is.

We see variety of planning- for new development, downtown revitalization, housing, open space restoration. In some cities people work with consistency from community planning through physical design, and to town management. We work with those people at variety of stages.

We believe there is an answer, for the most adequate design that the place itself wants to be. That's what we seek for. Variety of definition for an "urban spaces" is possible. One of them is "architecture and open spaces connected by public realm." Not a single architecture or open space can have a sense without the context to its urban fabric. Each of them is connected to urban fabric in organic ways. In a good urban space, there also is a smooth transition and hierarchy from a public realm to private space. Sometimes it is a rule or regulation, but many times it is a moral of residents.

Many of such designs that make a city a good urban place are not really big. It can be done just with a bit of consideration. We believe such designs are doable: design based upon natural and cultural character of the place.

We work with people of the places for those goals.

Our "Hearts"

We cannot do community planning or urban design by oneself. But when we put our "hearts" together, we can do a lot. It is our greatest pleasure to work with people who share visions, and contribute to realize hearty and livable places.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Hearts Environmental Design, Ltd.
Foundation October 2000
Location Suite 202, 4-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0825 Japan >> Map
Phone (81)-3-5225-4441
Fax (81)-3-5225-4461
Capital JPY Three Million
Directors Representative: Shinobu SUZUKI, Director : Shunji SUZUKI
Affiliation Member of City Planning Institute of Japan,
Organization for Promoting Kukaku-Seiri (Land Readjustment) Projects
Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners
The Ikimachi Club
American Planning Association

Hearts Environmental Design, Ltd.

#202 Fukui Bldg., 4-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku, Tokyo 162-0825 Japan
Phone (81) 3-5225-4441
Fax (81)3-5225-4461
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